iPlan-myfuture created iChoose2 to help you start the process of getting clarity with your career choices. What does this means? Clarity is great because it helps you to make informed choices. iChoose2 app will help you figure this out because it helps you to understand YOU better. iChoose2 won’t solve your career problems for you, but it will provide you with clarity. iChoose2 won’t do the work for you either as if by magic! Magic can only be created by YOU. However, magic is easy to achieve, but only if you are willing to spend the time and be committed to action YOUR goals!

iChoose2 aims to enable, empower and guide students and professionals in the right direction to achieve their goals and regain control of their careers. The main objective is to bridge the gap between aspirations and efforts of a student, a fresh graduate or a working professional.

Tapping into all aspects of making a successful career, from school to a dream job and the next big break, this app gives the users a platform to evaluate themselves and put their best foot forward to serve their career goals.

We believe that when we pen down things, we remember to do it. And when we remember to do it, we take a leap to achieve our personal and professional goals. Vision of iChoose2 is to help people connect with others who have similar interests and expertise helping them learn, grow and execute their own plans for regaining the control of their careers. Take the next step towards your dream job! And the right one!